Archive This Evidence of Climate Collapse


On my previous websites, which have mysteriously been sabotaged while covering also this specific topic, I already explained in detail what this so-called blob – that is being reported about again – actually really is.


“This phenomenon is something new,” one of the team, Chelle Gentemann from Earth and Space Research in Seattle, told National Geographic.

“From that entire record, this event is unprecedented in magnitude and duration. There’s just nothing like it in our historical record.” – Chelle Gentemann, Earth and Space Research (Seattle)

While no one in the scientific and meteorological community can, or wants to, explain ‘the Blob’ the explanation is actually pretty simple in that it can be defined in only two words: Climate Collapse.

The natural weather systems have largely collapsed due to the extensive weather manipulation that has been going on during the past decades.

Never before have the alleged experts seen this phenomenon – this Blob, not since the recordings began in the early 1900s.

That, of course, is to be expected since the weather modification and generation programs have been working in overtime during the past decade.

For the US, hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm) was one of the apexes of weather engineering.

Never before has the weather been as artificial as it is in today’s environment. The extent, if people only knew, is frighteningly off the charts.

It is time that the “scientists” and “experts” out there acknowledge what has been going on, instead of constantly pretending to be surprised or to be unable to explain what is gathering up above.


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