“Deep State”


The term “deep state” is being redefined in the ongoing reboot of the news media and political spectra. The term is being hijacked, if you will.

For those who are unaware. Over at the Common Sense Show (“CNN, ABC, NBC Must Merge with Alt Media to Survive”) they have been suggesting that the alt media should merge with the regular press. The backstabbing with this is of course of the charts but it perfectly illustrates how staged everything is at this point.

Indeed, Trump is the current public face of the deep state. All those who support Trump, or any other politician for that matter, feed this deep state even further.

Only a full reboot of our own will work, in our favor. You can’t change the system from within. Everyone should understand this basic fact by now.

Just a few minutes ago I came across another silly assumption, that the NSA and CIA were “transformed” into gestappo agencies. As if there was a time that they weren’t like that already. That is of course ludicrous, still there are thousands out there that believe this. They also believe that Snowden and Assange are the real-life Zorros who’ll save the pueblo on prime time TV. It makes for great entertainment of course but it doesn’t reflect reality in any way.


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